Alumni Lunch 2016

Alumni Weekend 2016--Rudi

Tortuga Brethren--


The 2016 CMC Scholarship Luncheon was another huge success for the Tortugateers of Prado Dam.  Bob McCrary '58 and Steve Hallgrimson '64 joined regular attendees Paul Kral '54, Marshall Sale '62, Jeff Smith '65, and myself.  Along with Tortuga Scholars Ryan Hutchison '09, Annika Jessen '14, and Tarah Gilbreth '18, we were also joined by Arce Scholar, Mac Menthen '16, and Frazee Family Scholar, Lindsay Brown '18, at the Tortuga tables.


The saying, "clothes make the man," was never more true.  McCrary, in his "Cadillac" gray flannel Tortuga jacket, attracted a lot of "selfie" action (think flash-bulbs flashing") while Marshall, Jeff, and I , in our vintage burlap, drew many admiring glances from the women in attendance.  For the fourth year in a row, a female CMC administrator engaged me in conversation regarding our unique fashion statement and the Tortuga "mystique."


Tortuga Scholar Update:  Ryan/"Hutch" '09 is working in Orange County real estate (so take note all you Tortuga land barons in Newport Beach) and will bring us up to date on his career activities in the near future.  After a year in the "real world," Annika '14 will be attending Haaavard Graduate School next fall to pursue a Masters in Education.  Go Annika!  I feel Ryan and Annika will become able stewards of the Tortuga Scholarship in the future.


Our current Tortuga Scholar, Tarah '18, is an enthusiastic fountain of information.  She knows what is going on at CMC and we look forward to a continuing "learning" relationship during the next two years.  She and I discussed the learning/earning opportunities such as study abroad, internship, and foreign exchange programs at CMC.  I mentioned that internships were not necessarily new.  The CMC football coach arranged one for me in 1962 at the Pomona Brick factory for $1.75 an hour.  This was my attempt to offer a "learning" experience, however, I may have missed my mark.


Next year's Scholarship Luncheon coincides with the 55th Reunion of the class of 1962 and Marshall Sale '62 is taking charge of organizing his fellow Tortuga classmates to turn out for the Scholarship Luncheon "en masse."  Go Marshall!


On Sunday, May 1, CMC held a memorial service for our Tortuga brother, William "Bill" Arce.  Frank Myers '62, Bill Symington '62, Terry Sprqgg '63, Evan Portus '64, Steve Hallgrimson '64, and I joined hundreds of others whose lives Bill had touched in celebrating his life.  The ceremony in McKenna Auditorium was personally moving, hence difficult to describe in words.  I think all of the former CMC student/athletes present were pretty much feeling the same  thing for Nancy and the Arce family:  "Thank you for sharing Bill with us."


Stay well and stay in touch.



Photos can be found HERE


The April 19 – 21, 2013 Reunion of the Tortugateers of Prado Dam/Mara Toga is history and the rave reviews were overwhelming; below are just a few ---- 

“As usual, another reunion much enjoyed and long to be remembered…the afternoon was made even more enjoyable with the BBQ dinner …the best in my memory…”    Bill Burnett ‘59

 “…sending a couple of the pictures from the OUTSTANDING REUNION PARTY …  We enjoyed the reunion so very much, and again thank you for all the work you do to make it happen.”   Rusty and Bebe Grosse  ‘57

 It was wonderful. I think I realize how much work went into it. Thank you enormously.”    George Kennedy '67

 Just had to let you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to make the Reunion a great success. The catering was just terrific, food was waaaay too good. I know the work and logistics involved in putting any event like this together and it all came together seamlessly.”    Dee Empey, Honorary Member

 “I returned to Jamaica Plain last night and offered Patricia the last bits of the rum cake that…..was my prize for travelling slightly more miles to attend the reunion than Fred and Shannon Lowery.  The box was crumpled from being packed tightly in my suitcase since leaving Anderson's Pea Soup Motel.  Even in its less than pristine Tortuga Rum Cake box, my bride, Patricia, devoured the left-overs before dinner.  We both can recommend the rum cake … “    George Pray  ‘62

 “Just a note to tell you how much Shirl and I enjoyed the Tortuga weekend.”   Peter Marr   ‘59

 "…the BBQ meal was the best ever. I sent a message to our class scribe filling him in on the event.  For our next … event I want to get involved and contact some of the older farts and try to get them to attend.  Keep me in mind when you start pulling those plans together.”   Paul Kral ‘54

Paul can start recruiting now, because the organizing committee has already determined that the next reunion will be the weekend of April 17 – 19, 2015. Mark your calendars. And the organizing committee is pleased to announce that the 2013 was the first in memory to show a slight “surplus” and that a contribution in the amount of the surplus will be made to the Tortuga/Mara Toga Scholarship Fund. 


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